Shadowrun at EVO

Chaos at the YET

The team was all in a motel room after their scouting efforts. There was much discussion of plans, the group finally deciding that the Trolls, Chimera, and Dvorak would try to sneak in to the server room and the others would wait as backup. Since it was now about 2am and much of the security was sleeping or gone home, it worked.

The group got Dvorak downstairs to a cubicle, and he hacked into the system. Only seconds later, a massive explosion went off overhead. The overwatch team witnessed a group of bikes and a van launch an assault on the building, shooting up the place wildly. In the server room, Brock misunderstands a message from Dvorak, and flips out convinced that the other deckers in the room are spider spirits, and he starts death-punching them. Soon, chaos everywhere.

Security guards respond to the fight in the server room, but are badly outmatched. The last survivor, desparate after watching his friends die, daisy chains a group of grenades together. When they go off, the cubicle farm “looks like Florida after the Hurricane”, and Chimera and Brody are unconcious.


SMDVogrin SMDVogrin

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