Redline - Jack Hale

Austin's Rigger


Contacts: Sam Watts (Loyalty 3)


Jack doesn’t remember anything about his life before starting his job at Ares, and is surprisingly calm about that. Was augmented as part of his security job with Ares, but was fired recently for his involvement in a crash. Apparently a bit of an adrenaline junkie, got into shadowrunning because it was “fun” and can’t imagine why normal people don’t take up jobs where they get shot at. Very casual in dress. Claims to be “self-taught”, but lacks memories of his earlier life. Enjoys tinkering with his vehicles and drones to get the best performance out of them, sees them as almost pets rather than belongings. Part of this is a fear of his own drones turning on him. Sees betrayal of the team as an unforgivable sin. Lacks any ambitions or dreams for future.

Redline - Jack Hale

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