Shadowrun at EVO

Ben notes - sessions 4 and 5


chris gets a call – meet on route 58 pueblo sector
resturant called the aspen challe’
after we mention our reservation we are taken to a private room in the back that is sound proofed

tall man in a well cut blue suit, bodyguard waits outside
we order food to discuss the job
campain of harassment against a buisness, no lethal force used, requesting wide spread disruption
2000 up front 4000 upon completion for 1 week of work – doc wagon support
rocky mountain dynamics
we obain sat photo of the area, company makes eletric motors for land and sea
a death results in with holding of 1/3 of payment
7am-11.30 split in 2 shifts – security

group splits away to discuss plans

neil reaches out to a conect looking for non leathal ammo and gas grens – anything lower than avail 8

3rd tier corp headquatered in vancouver, they build hydro eletric generators
eric fuerdson

matt locates safehouse for the group – 80 dollars a night
2 flashbangs a piece
2 tear gas grens
stick or shock gel rounds

we locate video of eric feuerdson speaking on the net

hotel is a couple miles away

ninja scoutrs the place out. ridgline over looks the facility. 3 meter chain link fence topped with barbed wire, 2 breaks in the fence one ius guard post, 2nd is sliding fence along the ridge line. 4 buildings on site. gate between the ares plant there is a guard that makes a trip every 90 mins,

3 of the buildings connected

ninja attempts to slip inside behind one of the leaving workers and gets caught. security gets called and the ninja has to smoke vanish to escape

austin and matt drive the van close to the complex

trolls look up the comapny web site in an attempt to apply for a job

matt hacks in to the host on site – he gains access to shipping and recieving schedule – adds the troll cleaning comapny o the schedule – add a visit from eric fuerdson, and reandomizes the shipping schedule.

ninja makes it in the building into an office area – mount another camera to view people entering and exiting this area -

thursday gas – saturday inspection – plan to shoot someone in the neck with a dart

wed night old fashioned vandalizim

(Ben didn’t actually have any notes from session 5, because he pretty much slept through it, but roughly:
Neil and Steve stole some engine parts
Austin stole and torched a truck shipping parts in
The group set off tear gas in the factory.

The company was bought out by ARES, and the johnson didn’t seem happy, but you did get paid)


SMDVogrin SMDVogrin

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