Shadowrun at EVO

Ben notes - session 6


Feb 21nd a wedensday

Austin gets a call from one of his contacts: Sam

Meet at a place rented down by the docks at midnight

Isolated warehouse. Orc on a bike. limo pulls up dude in a suit jumps out to meet us. Amber

Gel product aperances. We are being asked to delay a celbaraty for a few days.
6000 each

Amber gel is a snack food. questions about the company not increase production to meet demand.

Euphoria is an up and commin star.

1000 up front
1000 when she misses her first appointment
the rest when its completed

Mtn Towers housing first show is friday

internal security at the mtn towers mk1 low security

She hires her own security force. The main guys name is Ospray

Austin rents us a limo for friday putting down a 500 dollar deposit

We look into getting hired as part of the security detail. he has contracted local knight arant

25 story building she is located at the 21st floor

drones located in the area. One corner of the floor is a greenhouse the rest is security glass

6 drones + austins located in the area. 2 are labeled as news stations.

ninja climbs the exterior of the building entering through the greenhouse

ninja aquries Euphiras comlink and emails the contents to matt

group looks for a way to get her out of the penthouse

Chris desguises himself as Euphorias ex-boyfriend and enters the building

Ospary is headed down to meet with chris

Chris gets asked to leave, and walks away

ben aborts the mission and climbs down the building. retunring both comlinks to the orcis sees

chris sees bugs crawling on the amber gel the orc ordered

the trolls decide a frontal assult is the best move and head into the building

neil picks the maintiance door lock

the trolls storm up the stairs with the ninja in shdaow

kick door and throw flash bang

troll knocks out a single guard and neil charges through the door at the end of the hall

the group makes the escape from the apartments with the girl and drive off.


SMDVogrin SMDVogrin

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