Shadowrun at EVO

Ben notes - session 3

shadowrun 9/10/2013

We recover MR Blankey

we return to the ranch

chris gets email contact room 3141 assain guild (VR address)- dudes name is Void

matt plugs into the matrix for the metting icon is respreseneted by a black void

void wants 2500 for info

austin drives and picks up steve and brings him to our location

matt get the impression void is loking to cheat him matt offers 1500 now and offers the rest later

info from void : falcone is setting us up. when we come to collect he is going to have security there waiting for us with faked video feeds. He was the hacker hired by Falcone to edit the video. Void says he has the raw footage and gives matt footage unedited of the black cats breaking in for the original kidnapping. After matt pays 1000 void sends info on the black cats and RFID tag info that has been implanted in Mr Blankey. Matt calls one of his contacts about Void. rummor has it he is hot VR at all times. Guys original alias goes by hammer jack. He worked for aries. always has data searches out on falcone.

Austin reaches out to his contact about falcone – Falcone is a stirght shooter, hammer jack is attemtping to dig up dirt on falcone but isnt happening.

after group discussion we decide to go deliver the package

we arrive after midnight at the ranch

hafiz meets us at the door – he invites us inside to meet with falcone – ben insists the group gets paid before mr blankey leaves the room – group gets paid – we reveal the job was done by the black cats – matt reveals that hammer jack attempted to setup falcone -

+6 karam and 5000 total for the job

morning of jan 14th

news reporting of new pres the great dragon – pres killed outside watergate hotel


Feb 2nd

ben gets a call from a young asain woman – miss johnson – grill called the rattle snake – 8pm.

popular up and comming returant happening place family resturant

team rolls up on bikes

routine extraction – totaly 42k – 5000 up front – photo of target – cathryn wesmore – get the girl and deliver her to 2nd team in auroa warrens – she has to be delivered unharmed – once delievered we get paid – asain\white girl with braces 12 years of age – daughter of donna wess more works for federated boeing -

group turns down the job due to moral issues….


SMDVogrin SMDVogrin

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