Shiawase Blazer


Handheld flaming death! The Blazer is small and easily portable. Used heavily during the Az-Am War to root out Amazonian guerillas, the Blazer has found its way into the standard arsenal of many mercenary and special operations units around the world.

Acc Damage AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost
6 10P -6 SA/BF/FA - 4 (c ) 16F 2,200 nuyen

Replacing the fuel tank requires 1 full Combat Turn.

Flamethrower rules: Flamethrowers require a small flame to ignite the fuel mixture. Igniting the flame require a Complex Action to ready it. If the flamethrower is connected via wireless to the users PAN, it’s only a Simple Action. A wireless DNI connection makes it a Free Action.

Flamethrowers can be used to blast a single target or they can be used to spread flame over a wider area in an attempt to strike multiple targets. The area attack takes a Complex Action and allows the user to attack up to two additional targets within two meters of another target. A single Attack Test is made against all targets, and they make their Defense Tests separately. The DV is reduced by 2 for each additional target the flame is engulfing.

Flamethrowers can also be used for laying down Suppressive Fire (p. 179, SR5), consuming four shots, and they can take advantage of the same rules as Flechette Suppressive Fire (p. 120, R&G). Flamethrowers deal fire damage (p. 171, SR5) and will set fire to almost every item caught in the attack’s area of effect for at least a short period of time (gamemaster’s discretion).

Flamethrowers use Taser ranges but suffer only a –1 penalty at Extreme range and no penalty at Long range or closer. Flamethrowers use the Exotic Ranged Weapon (Flamethrowers) skill.

Flamethrowers cannot mount any accessories except biometric safety systems (Advanced Safety, p. 50).

Shiawase Blazer

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