Savalette Guardian


The Savalette Guardian’s chrome-steel finish shows off the taste of the true professional, and its high-powered, full-load slug packs professional power. This second-to-none pistol firest he heaviest round in it’s class. The Guardian’s brilliant finish, integral computer-enhanced targeting system, micro-gyro recoil absorbtion system, and burst-mode firing system make this weapon the unquetioned leader of the pack. Whether field or dress weapon, the Savalette Guardian is the heavy sidearm of choice for professionals worldwide. Why pick any other gun?

Std. Upgrades/Accessories: Smartlink, Burst Fire mode requires firing as complex action..

Acc Damage AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost
5 (7) 8P -1 SA/BF 1 12 (c ) 6R 870 nuyen

> A lot of private investigators and bodyguards who work in nasty places or with nasty people carry this. The micro-gyro system requires a lot of maintenance, but it’s worth it!
> Hard Exit

Savalette Guardian

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