Present were Chris (Bram), Matt (Dvorak), Ben (Shadow), Steve (Brock) and Neil (Brody). Austin couldn’t make it.

Dvorak tracked the mystery man’s tracer towards a downtown area not far from the Aztlan sector, getting a ride from the Trolls, as Redline suddenly took off on his own business without warning them.

The building they found him in was an out of business hotel, with the signal coming from the 10th of 12 floors. Bram cloaked himself in Invisibilty and headed up to check it out, finding a group of well-equipped mercs occupying that floor. He snuck through the first few rooms and found the Mystery man reporting to a man that Bram recognized as Kyle Morgan, the assassin they were looking for.

At that announcement, the Trolls dropped all pretense of subtlety and charged in from the stairs, while Shadow dropped out of the elevator and slipped through a series of side rooms. A large gunfight broke out, with Kyle’s mercs going down but not without hosing the Trolls with bullets. Kyle himself entered the fight, moving like greased lightning, and doing some serious damage to Brock with a ‘classic’ Predator II pistol. He was also able to mostly fight Shadow off when he pounced out of the shadows.

While Kyle was doing OK, most of the Mercs were down now, and Kyle yelled for help from “Peri”. At first nobody was sure what was happening, as one of Bram’s illusions appeared with flaming swords at right that moment (Brock and Shadow seeing it appear from invisibility and move towards where Shadow and Kyle were fighting), but a brief moment later, one of the walls exploded inward in a massive gout of flame as Perianwyr entered the fight. Brody made a joke about “gonna kill me a dragon”, and Peri responded by cooking him in a jet of flame, dropping the tough troll in a single shot. Brock, seeing his brother go down, charged Peri in berserk rage, and the Dragon flicked him across the room into unconciousness. Fortunately, Kyle took advantage of this time to leave with Peri, and the team found themselves with a pair of BADLY injured trolls in a burning hotel and the sound of sirens in the distance.

As DocWagon HRT choppers swooped in for the two brothers, Dvorak and Bram organized an evac, heading out to a cheap safehouse with a single captive from Kyle’s mercs.

And that’s where we left off for the night.


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