Ingram SuperMach 100

Pull the trigger and feel the power! Technically classified as a “super machinegun”, the Ingram SuperMach 100 has a patented firing system that offers controlled 6 round bursts and a full-autofire rat that’ll leave you breathless. It fires as fast as a minigun, without the recoil!

The SuperMach 100 uses both a standard 40 round clip and s special 60 round, high density clip. Distinctive in appearance and sound, the SuperMach 100 gives the maximum bang for the nuyen.

Std upgrades/accessories: Folding Stock, No barrel or underbarrel mount, Fires 12 round full-auto bursts, Extended clip gives +1 concealability.

Acc Damage AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost
4 6P - SA/FA 3 (4) 40 (c ) / 60 (c ) 9F 850 nuyen

> I love this chica! The lead stream almost never stops; I can practically see it! And oh, what it does to what it hits. It makes me so happy.
> Tee-Hee

> As long as your target is made of paper. Any kind of hardened target shrugs off these rounds with hardly a scratch. Too light for my tastes; give me the Ares Alpha any day.
> Whisper

> Definately the Alpha – provided you can get away with slinging an assault rife. What happens when you need a little subtlety?
> Findler-Man

> Subtlety? Whisper? Oh, that’s ripe. Bravo, Findler-Man, Bravo!
> Steel Lynx

Ingram SuperMach 100

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