Hammerli 620S

Designed as a match-target weapon, the Hammerli Model 620s makes a powerful and effective person sidearm. A stylish weaon, the Model 620s is the first choice of a marksman and a true soldier. First class all the way!

Designed to minimize muzzle jump and vibration, customizable grip pads and weights allow the individual user to configure his weapon for maximum comfort and balance. The simple quick-lock system is fully compatible with a variety of top-mounted accessories, and the Hammerli also boasts a patented gas-escape system.

Std. Upgrades/Accessories: Smartlink, Integral Gas-vent 1, Personalized Grip, Uses Hvy Pistol ranges

Acc Damage AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost
7 (10) 6P - SA 2 6 (c ) 8R 850 nuyen

> Like I’m going to pack a gun like this. Please, kill me now. (Looks wiz, though)
> Rabid Fire

> Personal sidearm, sure. A field weapon it’s not. I recommend it for dress duty. It looks deadly, and if you look like you know how to use it, you might not have to.
> Matador

> You lost me. “Dress duty”? And don’t tell me it goes well with my little black cocktail number.
> /dev/grrl

> Uniform duty. High-profile operations where your presence is a deterrent, like bodyguard and protection where you need a tough look to scare people off. The silver and matte-black version does go well with most cocktail and evening dresses, though.
> Matador

Hammerli 620S

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