The GMC multi-purpose utility vehicle (MPUV) is the world’s most popular light combat utility vehicle, perfect for every use from light scout to personnel transport. Lightly armored against small-arms fire, the four-wheel drive MPUV can handle almost any situation.

And now, you too can drive the MPUV. Street legal since 2052, it is the vehicle of choice for those wanting more power on today’s roads. Also in use by the patrol divisions of both Lone Star and Knight Errant!

Handling Accel Speed Pilot Body Armor Sensor Avail Cost Seats
3 / 4 2 5 1 14 6 1 8 16,000 nuyen 4

> This entry is too vague about the vehicle’s real capabilities. I’ve seen versions mounting anti-tank weapons, local-area sensor platforms, even light anti-aircraft missiles or autocannons. The biggest problem, in my opinion, is that the armor is too weak to stand up to real weapons, and it’s relatively large sensor signature.
> Matador

> Sure, but trying to improve signature cripples the vehicle. The engine can’t handle the extra load. I knew a merc unit that sensor-masked a bunch of MPUVs. Fragging things kept overheating. They could have installed extra coolant systems, but that gets expensive.
> Tiger Team

> Ah, the ubiquitous MPUV. The street-legal versions have become a status symbol in some areas. Tres-chic, don’t ya know.
> Hummer Hal


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