GE Vindicator Minigun


While technically classified as a light machine gun, this six-barreled, belt-fed, rotary lead-spitter is usually mounted on vehicles, drones, or light aircraft. The “Vindi” is also popular with metatypes of a larger stature. Despite the relatively light ammo it uses, the Vindicator has exceptional armor-piercing capabilities and decent recoil management. However, the weapon is also large and cumbersome. Ammo is available in the standard 100 or GE’s custom 200-round belt (not compatible with any other weapon system, cost: 100 nuyen). Operating the Vindicator requires a few seconds for the barrels to rotate before it can fire, which can only be done in the Full Auto mode. A smartgun system also comes standard.

Standard upgrades/accessories: Smartgun system, Slide mounts (Top and Underbarrel)
Special: Simple action to start barrels rotating before firing, Fires 15 round bursts only as complex action (-14 to target defense pool)

Acc Damage AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost
4 (6) 9P -4 FA 2 200 (belt) 24F 6,000 nuyen

> Be warned. I recently had the opportunity to see this weapon in use during a run. Once the rotating barrels are activated, you’ve only got about ten minutes of fire time before the batteries geek. It also takes a few seconds for the barrels to get up to speed. Once they’re there, however, it’s major hosing time. Rock and Roll!
> Fastjack

> Believe me, the electric whir of a Vindicator is extremely distinctive. Even more distinctive is the sound of it in use. It’s not something you easily forget.
> The Neon Samurai

GE Vindicator Minigun

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