Campaign Timeline

May 17th – Present Day

May 2nd: Dvorak turns up some interesting reports from the Watergate rift in DeeCee.

Apr 18th: Brody Brannigan purchases a Denver warehouse in his hopes of establishing a local gun shop.

Apr 14th: Ibn Eisa is seen in public, announcing to his followers that he was returned by Allah to lead them to victory, changing the Islamic Unity Movement to the New Islamic Jihad.

Apr 9th: Ibn Eisa, leader of the Islamic Unity Movement, is assassinated in a gunfight.

Apr 2nd: The Denver Ork Underground is shaken by the death of Rebecca Macalister, daughter of a well-liked local fixer. Rumors fly that the Mayan Cutter serial killer has returned from the grave, but soon die down when no further deaths follow.

Mar 23rd: Sylvan Publishing issues a press release delaying the publication date of Ehran the Scribe’s new novel, “Of the Human Spirit”. Word on the street is that the hard copy manuscript was stolen and electronic copies destroyed.

Mar 8th: Knight Errant security announces the death of Euphoria, claiming her to have been killed by a group of Shadowrunners. Reportedly, one of their elite Firewatch teams is deployed to Denver to track the killers. That night, Stone smuggles Euphoria out of Denver with the assistance of the team.

Morning of Tuesday, Mar 7th: Brock Brannigan is released from the hospital – his brother Brody is having some warranty work done on damaged implants.

Mon, Mar 6th: Euphoria announces a new ad campagn endorsing Ludovenko Foods’ new Stuffer product, ‘Blue Bacosoy’.

Mar 5th: Hailey’s comet becomes visible by the naked eye for the first time.

Thurs, Mar 2nd: Yakuza kobun Myron arrives from Tokyo for a series of meeting with local troops. The Denver oyabun, having been tipped off that Myron is being targeted by an Aztechnology assassin named Kyle Morgan, has hired a group of runners to send a message to Morgan to back off. In absence of any information about Morgans whereabouts, the team follows Myron from the airport to his first meeting, defeating an ambush along the way. They manage to spook one of Kyle’s men watching the Yakuza, follow him back to the local base, and assault the place.

Feb 21st-25th: Simsense star Euphoria is kidnapped from her penthouse suite in a brutally short firefight. No demands are made, and she is released unharmed after missing several major promotional events – the start of a new ad campaign for Strice Food’s revolutionary new stuffer snack, “Amber Gel”.

Feb 12th: CrashCart opens operations in the FRFZ, offering discount packages to try to underbid DocWagon.

Feb 8th: The Ute nation, still crippled from Crash 2.0, finally collapses. After tense but rapid negotiations, it is absorbed by the PCC, including it’s Denver sector.

Feb 4th-Feb 9th: Rocky Mountain Dynamics endures nearly a week of systemic harrassment of it’s operations. The company sells it’s PCC sector facility to MetalStorm, an Ares subsidiary.

Feb 2nd: The runners turn down an offered job involving kidnapping a young child.

Jan 22nd: Dunklezahn’s will is made public.

Jan 16th: On the evening of his inauguration, newly-elected President Dunklezahn is killed in a massive explosion. A rift into astral space forms over the site of his death outside the Watergate hotel in DeeCee.

Jan 12-13th: Ares Executive Richard Belenko goes missing from Horse Trot ranch – he is recovered from the hands of the Black Cats shadowrunning team

Jan 6th: Shadow and Redline take possession of Hampden’s Holistic Healthcare.

Jan 1st: Courier work for Koshari to Chavez mafia family

Campaign Timeline

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