Barret Model 121


For the times when a standard round doesn’t cut it, pick up the Barret Model 121 heavy sniper rifle and it’s custom, armor-piercing ammo. The heaviest small-arms round available, Barret ammo works against both soft and hard targets. Don’t let armor slow you down; punch through it and take down your target.

The Model 121’s integral silencer system combines with blow-back recoil compensation to give it precision balance in spite of it’s heavy caliber. Silent, deadly, and accurate, the Barret guarantees you one shot and one down.

Standard upgrades/accessories: Bipod, Integral Smartlink, Silencer

Acc Damage AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost
7 (9) 14P -6 SA (2) 14 (c ) 20F 38,500 nuyen

> Grade A+ bang-bang! This one’s a frightening piece of work. An ‘associate’ of mine uses the Model 121 extensively. I’ve backed her up on a couple of jobs; when she’s fired at anything further away than a couple of meters, I’ve heard no gun noise what-so-ever. Scary.
> Hatchetman

> You can use the Model 121 right out of the box; I had to use it that way once. I’ve upgraded mine to used custom Smartlink software and to fire caseless ammo; no casing, no evidence. The Smartlink’s rangefinder algorithms make the long shot a breeze. One drawback, though; the weapon doesn’t come apart easily. You have to carry it assembled, and the fragging thing is almost as long as I am tall.
> Nightmare

> Have you seen one of the slugs it fires? I use them as paperweights.
> Toad

Barret Model 121

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