ARES Predator II


The Predator II was released in 2035 and ceased production within ten years. It featured a different appearance in comparison to its earlier and later brethren. It also had a reputation for being less sturdy than its predecessor.  The weapon’s major selling point was the integral smartlink and streamlined ergonomics to enhance its concealed-carry capabilities.  The pistol has a trigger safety to minimize the chances of a misfire, but lacks the room to use a smart safe system. Collectors regularly purchase these from dealers, as they are less common than the models preceding and succeeding them.

Std. Upgrades/Accessories: Smartlink, incompatible

Acc Damage AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost
4 (6) 8P -1 SA - 15 (c ) 8R 750 nuyen

> These weapons are reliable enough, just not as tough as the I or III. They are about average for a heavy pistol.
> Fianchetto

> The smartlink is a problem. It requires a physical connection to work, and the firmware is so out of date you need to run a translation program on your ‘link to process the signals correctly.
> DangerSensei

> What is the going price for a collector’s piece? I think the Ancients next door will trade them for newer guns.
> Turbo Bunny

> If it is a serious collector, and the gun is still largely original, six to seven thousand. I doubt your local ganger’s weapons will meet that standard, though.
> Cosmo

The weapon’s internal electronics utilize outdated protocols. They normally require physical connections through a fiber optic tether to current electronics. These weapons can communicate with current-generation commlinks and visual display devices with the use of a translation program.

ARES Predator II

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