Ares Arms is proud to announce the first portable laser system with the ability to deliver enough joules of energy to make a difference. Built from seven different Ares patents, the MP Laser is the future of security and law-enforcement weaponry. Designed to be fielded by a single carrier, unlike inefficient two-man team weapons, the MP laser is a self-contained system capable of handling high-threat situations. Powerful enough to affect even armored vehicles, the MP laser is a multi-purpose weapon perfectly suited for the variety of volatile and unpredictable situations that the modern professional confronts. The MP Laser is powered by six high-performance peak-discharge soft batteries mounted in a backpack rig. These batteries, as a unit, are good for 20 pulses of energy. The entire power system is designed for easy replacement, and each battery package can be recharged for later use. Meet the future head-on; arm up with ARES and the MP laser system.

Standard upgrades/accessories: Uses 3 charges per shot. Use assault rifle range tables.

Acc Damage AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Cost
6 5P -10 SA - 6x 10 (batt) 18F 80,000 nuyen

Laser weapons: Do not suffer from recoil. Reduce DV by 1 for each range bracket beyond Short. Also reduce DV by 1 for each level of environment visibility penalty (SR5, pg 175). Use Exotic Ranged Weapon (Lasers) skill. May only mount Top and Underbarrel accessories, and may not be modified.


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