Shadowrun at EVO

Elves vs "Elves"?
A splash of wetwork

Present were Steve (Brock), Neil (Brody), Chris (Brom), Austin (Redline), Slade (Chimera), and Larry (Anonymous). Matt is unable to make it for a while due to work schedule, so Dvorak has left for Chicago to spend some time with his folks.

Start date: June 22, 2057
The group was contacted by a fixer that they hadn’t worked for before, wanting to hire them for a bit of wetwork. They were having issues with a group known as the “Association Para Nobilis”, whose public face was an advocate group for the protection of elves. The fixer revealed that a core group of hardcore APN members had been killing elves who did not adhere to the “proper” elven archetype (which is very Tolkienesque). The APN had been in a scuffle with the Young Elven Technologists in Seattle and relocated here recently. The group was hired to kill 6 core members, bring back their prosthetic ear extensions as proof, and drop off a package at the body of the leader to make sure the message is received.

The group did some Matrix research, and the accusations looked plausible. Some of them were leary about taking a job for straight up murder, but they ultimately decided to take the job. They located the APN HQ, finding it was downtown in the Aztlan district – a one-time city utilities garage that was only a few blocks from Aztechnology HQ. They went to check the place out and found it was buttoned up pretty tight. Brom disguised himself as Allair, one of the targets, and tried to bluff his way in, but the guard wasn’t fooled, as he said Allair was downstairs at the time. Questioning a waitress at the local diner, they were told that some of the group ate there frequently, but many of them never left the HQ building. They also found out the APN was having a regular meeting that Thursday, and grabbed a flyer about the meeting.

The group made the decision to assault the HQ during the Thursday meeting. Brock and Brody snuck up to the garage door and planted grenades all over it, and blew the door while Chimera and Larry covered the back door. The trolls charged in, and Redline crashed his van in and rammed Blaine Deathedge, who was giving a presentation when the door blew in behind him. Many of the couple dozen members attending the meeting were wounded by the blast, and all of them were gunned down when Redline’s minigun hosed the room or when they tried to flee. Brom created a very realistic illusion around the front of the building, making it appear that Humanis was the group attacking the building, and hid disguised as a bum outside. Brock checked out one part of the basement he ended up killing Thiran and Erendahl, locating the armory, and putting down a horse that the APN had surgically altered to look like a unicorn. Chimera and Redline ended up in a firefight with a group of female APN members. Brody scared a little girl into hiding under a couch, tied her up instead of hurting her, and then found Blaine Deathedge’s room – where it appeared he tripped a countdown timer.

Cries of “BOMB!” sounded over the radios as the group turned to flee….

And that cliffhanger is where we left off for the night.

Running down a killer

The group tracked the Copycat killer to a abandoned car dealership in the Barrens, where he was holed up with Humanis goons. The group assaulted the compound, managing to capture him.

They turned him over to Macallister, getting paid.

Little Girl Lost

Present were Chris (Bram), Steve (Brody), Neil (Brock), Austin (Redline), Matt (Dvorak), and Slade (Chimera). Downtime was about a week and a half – Redline and Bram moved into their new place, and the trolls tracked down a warehouse and rented it out as a team base of operations.

April 2, 2057: On his Exchange commlink, Dvorak gets a message to meet Macallister at The Big Rhino if he’s looking for work. The team meets there, most of them taking their motorcycles, and are pointed at an older ork sitting in the back. The ork, Macallister, informed the team that his daughter had been murdered by a serial killer – apparently a copycat of the Mayan Cutter (a famous killer who killed for over 2 years before being caught and killed last year by Lone Star). He wanted the group to hunt down the killer, find out why his daughter died, and bring the bastard back alive. The group agreed.

They first headed into the Ork Underground to check out Rebecca Macallister’s apartment. They convinced a local to lead them through the passageways to her home, finding it guarded by a number of Skraa’cha (a local ork gang who served as the Undergrounds enforcers and protectors)., and convinced the gang members to let them look around. They found that the murder apparently took place in the kitchen as Rebecca was making breakfast, and the room and table were covered with her blood. Searching the place did turn up some blood on the edge of her bathroom sink that didn’t look as if it belonged, and the players collected a sample, with Chimera (and Redline) heading out to have a doctor friend take a look at it. The trolls were convinced/fooled/delayed into NOT starting a fight with the Skraa’cha leader, who had been dating Rebecca, and the rest of the group headed topside to talk to Tosh Athack – a Lone Star detective who worked the original Mayan Cutter case, and a friend of Macallister.

Tosh, after collecting for his retirement fund, turned over his original case files to the group to peruse, and arranged for them to gain access to the morgue where Rebecca’s body had been taken. The medical examiner had started the autopsy, and pointed out the details, several of which the group noted did not match the original Mayan Cutter’s MO. Partway through, Chimera and Redline joined back up, and gave Tosh the DNA results of the blood analysis. He promised to run it through Lone Star’s database.

Heading out with the idea of brainstorming a bit more, the group was jumped in the parking garage by a group of gangers, all wearing necklaces of Troll horns and Ork tusks (the gang later identified as the “Troll Killers”). Dvorak was heavily wounded, but Brody and Chimera reaped them like wheat, and the group shortly broke and run. Brody had only knocked out the leader (who had bragged about being hired to take them out), but he was taken into custody by Lone Star officers from the morgue building. The group did keep the leader’s commlink, though.

And we ended there for the night.

Checking out a book
because Trollplan somehow works every time

Mar 22, 2057:

After laying low for a couple weeks after the Euphoria incident, Brody is put into contact with Mr JP Morlock, who specializes in hiring runners for Johnsons who are looking for quiet runs. The group goes to meet with Mr Morlock in his penthouse apartment.

He wants them to steal a manuscript of a new novel by Tir Tairngaire politician, Ehran the Scribe. The novel is called “Of the Human Spirit”, and is being edited and converted to electronic format by a local publishing company in the Pueblo sector – Sylvan Publishing. Apparently, Ehran had just finished writing the novel by hand at his lodge on Pike’s Peak (in the PCC itself, not the Pueblo sector of Denver). Mr Morlock wanted the physical copy of the manuscript brought to him, and a tailored virus installed in Sylvan’s computer system that would destroy all electronic versions of the novel.

The group headed down to Sylvan HQ at 0-dark-thirty in the morning, and while the trolls prowled around the perimeter of the fence, Dvorak checked out the public Sylvan Host. Brody and Brock saw little sign of serious security, and Dvorak could only identify Maglocks on the doors and burglar alarms on the windows. He did find that the public host did not seem to contain any working copies of books in progress, so they concluded they would have to upload the virus on site to have it take effect.

An illusion of a racoon managed to lure out several guard animals into showing themselves, which were eventually identified as Barghests – meta-versions of dogs with a paralyzing howl, and dual-natured so they wouldn’t be fooled by illusions. A few minutes later a caretaker showed up with another Barghest hound and shooed Brody away from the gate.

While the group laid low in a local motel, Bram visited HQ during the daytime under the pretense of setting up an account with them for a new bookseller. He was very convincing with the sales rep he spoke with, and while supposedly in the bathroom, snuck around the ground floor enough to give the group a good feel for it’s layout. He also decided that the most likely place for a manuscript to be would be on the 2nd floor, where the President, VP and 4 senior editors had their offices.

That night, Brock, Brody, and Dvorak snuck into the building after cutting through the security fence. They came in through the loading dock and headed up to the 2nd floor. They started searching in the President’s office, where Dvorak cracked into the files on Sylvan’s secure host. While he was doing that, Brody checked out the VP’s office, where he became suspicious of a painting behind the desk. He found there was a safe behind it, and cracked it open. Returning to the president’s office, he found the safe behind a picture there and cracked that – finding several data files, a light pistol, and a small stack of cash. Dvorak took a look at the data files, identified them as being un-related to the Ehran manuscript, but kept a copy of them for himself.

Dvorak told the group that he found that Senior Editor Sylvia Green had been assigned the work of formating “On the Human Spirit”, so group headed into her office and opened the safe there, finding a copy of the original manuscript. Dvorak then dropped back onto the secure host, and uploaded the virus to her terminal successfullly. The group headed back downstairs, snuck back to the fence, and slipped away, without any alarm being given.

They returned immediately to Morlock’s hotel, dropping off the manuscript, and receiving their payment. And we called it a night, with a successful run.

Against the Hive Masters
Bugs, Mr Rico - zillions of them!

Present were Chris (Bram), Matt (Dvorak), Austin (Redline), Steve (Brock), Neil (Brody), and Slade (Chimera-A).

The PCs started collecting info from contacts. Of note, Bram’s connections turned up that Burroughs was under a great deal of pressure for mis-managing the rollout of Amber Gel – distribution was still extremely limited, and now word was that production was falling off. Dvorak also managed to turn up a couple of documents from a Strice foods datastore, mostly purchase orders. Some demonstrated how much it cost to get Euphoria’s promotion, and some showing deliveries to the Amber Gel production facility – although it appeared nothing but jars, coloring, and low-grade nutrisoy were being delivered, and it wasn’t clear how you could produce anything with just those.

The group decided to check out the production facility that night, and it was strangely quiet – Dvorak noted an almost total lack of electronics on site. Chimera snuck into the plant, noting one figure ‘patroling’ the factory floor. There was a basement, and he slipped down a set of stairs to check it out. Operating on thermographic in the almost total darkness, he startled a pair of hideously mishapen forms, one of which ran screaming in an inhuman voice, the other which leaped to attack him – and he blew it’s throat out.

The group assaulted the basement at a run (Redline was out of the van! He’ll probably never do so again!), fighting off bug-men and manifesting spirits shaped like giant ants. Brock and Brody fought among the central chamber, surrounded by coccoons, including one giant coccoon that Brock thought he saw Euphoria’s face through. He went berzerk, charging through and wiping out 3 of the toughest enemies there to astrally fight a giant ant queen to save Euphoria’s soul. The group had more than one person badly hurt – Redline, Brody and Bram were all severely wounded, but recovered her and pulled out, making tracks to Dvorak’s apartment.

Euphoria in Danger
Have I found Brock's berserk button yet?

Present were Chris (Bram), Matt (Dvorak), Austin (Redline), Steve (Brock), and Slade (Chimera-A).

Brock was just getting out of the Hospital after his run-in with Peri, when he was stopped by a guy they were rolling in on a stretcher, badly wounded. Brody managed to recognize him as Stone, the magician working with Osprey as Euphoria’s bodyguards. Stone had recognized him from Euphoria’s description, and managed to gasp out that Euphoria needed help.

Brock tried to call Euphoria, but there was no answer, then tried to get a hold of Osprey – whose number he didn’t have. He called Dvorak, and Dvorak started looking into the situation, leaving a message drop from Osprey, then tracking Euphoria’s commlink to her penthouse – the same place the team had kidnapped her from a week or so ago. The team rolled out in Redline’s van, picking Brock up on the way (after he terrorized a clerk in a Radio Shack).

When they arrived at Rocky Mountain Towers, they saw a pair of Knight Errant officers blocking entrance to the front of the building. Brock tried to get in, but they refused him entrance and logged his SIN. Bram got him a bit away, turned him invisible, and distracted the cops enough that he snuck past them and headed up to Euphoria’s penthouse.

The penthouse was in disarray. There were multiple dead bodies from the Knight Errant security team, and Osprey’s corpse was on the floor in front of the door to Euphoria’s recording/rehearsal room. Brock did notice a weird brown glop substance on the floor, and grabbed a sample of it. Examining the recording room, he found the gear was active, and following Dvorak’s instructions, hooked Euphoria’s commlink (which Dvorak had compromised) up to the gear so Dvorak could download the contents.

Heading out just as KE reinforcements arrived, the group fell back to a no-tell motel room, where Brock, Dvorak, and Redline all decided to watch the raw Simsense feed that they had downloaded from Euphoria’s studio. She was just starting to rehearse for her next performance (“Jungle Princess”, by MegaMedia Enterprises), when she was startled by a noise in the living room. She went to the door, and was startled by some… thing. It was human-ish shaped, but very not-human, and just as she thought she was going to die it was called off by an unkempt, wild-looking blonde man, who told Euphoria that Burroughs had told him to take care of her, and he was going to do so by making her his queen. Another man, with inhuman looking eyes, wearing a “Gerraty’s Bar and Grill” shirt, was backing up the blonde, and that’s when Euphoria fainted/was knocked out/passed out/recording ended.

Bram remembered Burroughs was the last name of the local CEO of Strice Foods, the company which made Amber Gel. But first, the group went to check out Gerraty’s. Asking the bartender and one of the waitresses (Wendy Phillips) about the pictures of the two men, the 2nd man (the silent one) was identified as Van Willis, who had been a waiter there, but had disappeared about a month back. Wendy had heard some rumors about a cult kidnapping people off the street, and she was worried about Van. She had actually seen him again about 2 weeks ago, but he had run away from her when she called his name.

The group came away from that looking for their next lead. Dvorak plans to investigate Strice Foods and cults in the resonance realms. Chimera contacted some friends back in ARES to tap into Knight Errant’s investigations. Brock thought about trying to tap into the local gangs to see if they knew more. Bram thinks looking into Strice foods and Vincent Burroughs might turn up something. And Redline wants to repair his babys – his shot up drones (from the ambush 3 sessions ago). This is where we left things for the night – legwork in progress.

Goodbye to an assassin
Wrapping up the Kyle Morgan mission

Dvorak leads the retreat, taking Shadow and Bram to a nearby motel that he knows doesn’t ask alot of questions about their patrons.

After seeing to their wounds, Shadow begins to question their prisoner:
“Look, man, I don’t know nothing! Please don’t kill me, I’m just a merc. All I know is that we were looking for work in Roswell, and Jorge got us a good paying job working for some guy coming to Denver. We got flown in and told to ambush and take out a car. Next thing I know, Jorge is missing, the bastard who hired us is in charge, and suddenly you guys bust in and kill everyone!”

While resting and recovering, Shadow gets a call – from the Oyabun himself.
“Congratulations. Our source tells us that Mr Morgan has just left Denver heading for Tokyo. Apparently, you made enough of an impression that he has decided taking further action here is too risky. He likely plans to strike at Myron as he arrives home, or perhaps in flight. Either way, it’s not our problem – the only interest I have is that the bigoted waste-of-breath is not killed while he is my guest. I thank you for your good work, and please thank your associates for me. You will find account codes attached to this message for each of them.”

Everyone (except Shadow) receives a transfer of $25,000, as promised.

Dvorak, Shadow- 9 karma
Bram, Redline, Brock – 6 karma
Brody – 3 karma

Feel free to post in or out of character actions or comments in the comments to this post.

Oh, THAT's who Peri is.
and there was a firefight...

Present were Chris (Bram), Matt (Dvorak), Ben (Shadow), Steve (Brock) and Neil (Brody). Austin couldn’t make it.

Dvorak tracked the mystery man’s tracer towards a downtown area not far from the Aztlan sector, getting a ride from the Trolls, as Redline suddenly took off on his own business without warning them.

The building they found him in was an out of business hotel, with the signal coming from the 10th of 12 floors. Bram cloaked himself in Invisibilty and headed up to check it out, finding a group of well-equipped mercs occupying that floor. He snuck through the first few rooms and found the Mystery man reporting to a man that Bram recognized as Kyle Morgan, the assassin they were looking for.

At that announcement, the Trolls dropped all pretense of subtlety and charged in from the stairs, while Shadow dropped out of the elevator and slipped through a series of side rooms. A large gunfight broke out, with Kyle’s mercs going down but not without hosing the Trolls with bullets. Kyle himself entered the fight, moving like greased lightning, and doing some serious damage to Brock with a ‘classic’ Predator II pistol. He was also able to mostly fight Shadow off when he pounced out of the shadows.

While Kyle was doing OK, most of the Mercs were down now, and Kyle yelled for help from “Peri”. At first nobody was sure what was happening, as one of Bram’s illusions appeared with flaming swords at right that moment (Brock and Shadow seeing it appear from invisibility and move towards where Shadow and Kyle were fighting), but a brief moment later, one of the walls exploded inward in a massive gout of flame as Perianwyr entered the fight. Brody made a joke about “gonna kill me a dragon”, and Peri responded by cooking him in a jet of flame, dropping the tough troll in a single shot. Brock, seeing his brother go down, charged Peri in berserk rage, and the Dragon flicked him across the room into unconciousness. Fortunately, Kyle took advantage of this time to leave with Peri, and the team found themselves with a pair of BADLY injured trolls in a burning hotel and the sound of sirens in the distance.

As DocWagon HRT choppers swooped in for the two brothers, Dvorak and Bram organized an evac, heading out to a cheap safehouse with a single captive from Kyle’s mercs.

And that’s where we left off for the night.

To FIND an assassin
We keep looking....

Present were Matt (Dvorak), Austin (Redline), Chris (Bram), and Ben (Shadow). Neither troll, Steve or Neil, could make it, and we had limited time as Chris had to be on his way early.

Redline panicked abit about the situation with Shadow and Brock. Brock and Brody decided the situation called for McHughs, and told Redline “Don’t call us, we’ll call you”. Redline decided to give Bram a call and get him to calm both sides down, and they picked up a now-conscious Dvorak as well. Bram healed Shadow a bit, waking her up, and they decided to concentrate on the mission for now, as the trolls were absent and couldn’t answer for their actions.

Dvorak shared the Aztechnology files he had on Kyle Morgan, and did some Matrix snooping in the Yakuza offices, managing to get camera feeds on the Conference room where Myronu was meeting, and the lobby entrances. No sign of assassins were seen, though. Bram decided to see if he could produce a reaction, and created illusions of Myron and a couple guards leaving the building and heading around the corner. They were good enough to confuse Shadow, who went off following them. However, Redline’s drones spotted what could be movement in an office window across the street at the same time, leading to the group investigating.

Dvorak poked around the non-host Matrix of the building, but didn’t find any sign that office was occupied. Shadow, having returned from her tailing of a pair of illusions, infiltrated the building and got into the drop ceiling above the office, planting a camera to view the apparently abandoned office. It revealed one person, talking to another person over a commlink. Dvorak tried again to locate the active commlink, but failed to find it – it must have a pretty good security suite! Shadow dropped into the office and slunk close enough to listen in – the person was talking about meeting at a club they had heard about, called Klub Karma, and mentioned getting a dose of “the good stuff” there. With the camera view showing the person in the office, Bram created another illusion of Myron coming back, and it seemed to draw the mysterious man’s attention.

Wanting to truly evaluate his reaction, Bram next illusion showed Myron fleeing the doors of the Yakuza office building and being gunned down in the street after his bodyguard was killed! This led to intense chaos in the Yakuza office, and the Mystery man seemed dumbfounded, hanging up, watching for a moment, then calling a taxi. Shadow managed to tag him with a stealth RFID as he left the small office, and Dvorak prepared to trail it.

We stopped there for the night.

To fight an Assassin
Mission: defend Yakuza technician, session 2

Present were Matt (Dvorak), Steve (Brock), Ben (Shadow), and Austin (Redline).

Dvorak headed off to his apartment to see if he could dig through the resonance realms (as a newly-submerged) to find out anything about Kyle Morgan. He had a bit of a trippy experience, but emerged with some old Aztechnology files detailing a couple of previous jobs, along with an appraisal of Kyle’s excellent social, pistol, and sniper skills. He surfaced about 11 hours later – a fact that he didn’t realize immediately.

The rest of the crew headed to Denver International to meet an incoming Sub-Orbital flight. The Yamato-family kobun was met by one of Denver’s senior Lieutenants, and was ushered into the stretch Euro-Westwind where Shadow was waiting. Unfortunately, the kobun (named Myronu) dismissed her as a comfort girl until he was threatened with a blade when he groped her. She was sent to ride in the front of the car when that happened.

On the way to the office building where Myronu was meeting with the local senior family members, the group was attacked twice. First a car of yakuza tried to gun down the group, but Redline rammed them off the road, and the crash left them in poor shape. Several miles later, a half-dozen highly armed gunmen ambushed the group – including 2 with missile launchers. Fortunately, Brock was able to charge one of the rockets before they could fire, and the other one (which they never even saw at any point during the fight) couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn – the only thing he connected with was one of his buddies. Most of the gunmen pulled out successfully when the ambush was blown, but a berserking Brock managed to stun the apparent leader into unconsciousness.

The group took off with the prisoner in the back of the van, and once they were parked at the office, attempted to interrogate him. Initial attempts were unsuccessful, and when he refused to talk even when Shadow threatened to cut of his head, she… well, cut off his head. This ticked Brock off, and he dropped her unconscious with a single blow.

And that’s where we left off for the night.


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