Tabitha "Tabby" Morgan

Corporate fixer

Archetype Corporate Fixer
Connection 3
Uses Corporate procedures, Shadowrunner Haunts, Identifying affiliations
Places to meet CAS sector clubs
Skills Con 11, Electronics group 7, Etiquette 12, Intimidation 9, Negotiation 12, Perception 9, Pistols 6
Knowledge Corporate Politics 10, Denver Area (CAS Sector) 10 (+ 2), Shadowrunner teams 10
Interests Magical curios
Friends Brock Brannigan Loyalty 1, Shadow Loyalty 1, Dvorak Loyalty 1

Tabby is a changeling human femaie, 5’6" and weighing in at 135 lbs. Athletic – and furry – are two of the first words that come to mind when describing her. She has tawny two-toned fur and cat slit eyes.

With SURGE came a need to re-invent herself. On the surface, she’s playful and to the point. Underneath is a woman who had her self of self-identity stripped away from her by a random surge of ambient mana.

Specializing in Corporate politics, Tabby tries to avoid dealing directly with the syndicates whenever possible. She is based primarily in the CAS sector and does occasional work in the Hub or outlying sectors of Denver when a favor is called in from her associates.

Tabitha "Tabby" Morgan

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