Nova-hot decker and member of Denver Data Haven

Archetype Decker
Connection 6
Uses Shadow Matrix rumors, SOTA electronics and programs
Places to meet On the matrix, Colorado Springs cafes
Skills Automatics 5, Clubs 7, Computer 14, Con 12, Cybercombat 15, Electronic Warfare 14, Etiquette 11, First Aid 11, Hacking 16, Hardware 15, Locksmith 9, Negotiation 13, Perception 11, Pistols 6, Software 12
Knowledge Black Market pipelines 11, Denver area 10, Otaku lore 11, Local Runners 11, Matrix Host design 10, Matrix Hot Spots (Dever grid) 13 ( +2), Matrix Host networking 10, Safehouses 11, Smugglers 11, Fake SIN dealers 11
Interests Programming, Matrix infrastructure, Denver Data Haven gossip
Friends Chimera Loyalty 1

SilveryK, aka Kimberly Robinson, was born an albino in the rural Midwest, at a time when mistrust of “strange births” was running high and the tensions leading to the Nights of Rage were brewing beneath the surface. Shunned and ostracized her entire life, Silvery found solace in the Matrix, like many social outcasts before her. She graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Chicago, but rather than taking a corp job, she decided she wanted a life of her own, one she could work by night. (She’s extremely sensitive to light.)

Working as a decker for hire, SilveryK soon developed a reputation as a quality programmer as well. In 2057, Silvery became the recipient of an IC-breaking program of unprecedented complexity, a bequest from the late dragon Dunkelzahn. SilveryK is widely suspected of having been part of a massive information network run by the dragon, though whether she worked for him knowingly is unclear.

At one point, SilveryK was engaged to Chimera, but broke it off when she discovered him sleeping around. She is willing to work with him, but demands it be ‘strictly business’.


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