Sid Gambetti

Fight promoter

Archetype Fight promoter
Connection 2
Uses Thug muscle, Gambling community
Places to meet Gym, Ratty clubs
Skills Computer 6, Etiquette (Street) 9 (+ 2), First Aid 7, Forgery 7, Intimidation 9, Locksmith 7, Negotiation 10, Pistols 8
Knowledge Law (Contracts) 7 (+ 2), Gambling (Sports) 12 (+ 2), Sports (Underground fighting) 12 (+2), Street Rumors 11
Interests Urban brawl, College sports
Friends Brock Brannigan Loyalty 1

Sid is a small time fight promoter that has hopes of making his name as a fixer. He has accumulated a fair number of contacts in the city, but not a lot of pull yet. He’s a sleazy, greasy weasel of a man, but he’s smart and a survivor.

He’s a short man with a large, fake diamond stud earring, and a taste for cheap suits, cheap whiskey, and cheaper cigars.

Sid Gambetti

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