Osprey - Michael Adams

Euphoria's long-time bodyguard

Archetype Bodyguard
Weapons used FN-HAR assault rifle, Monofilament whip
Cyberware WIred Reflexes 2, Retractable Hand Razors, Datajack, Skilwires, Smartlink, Thermographic vision, Flare compensation

A former company man for Renraku, he worked for several years as a shadowrunner in Seattle before giving up the biz in favor of more secure employment. His good looks landed him several bodyguard assignments, and he eventually would up with a steady job protecting Euphoria for MegaMedia.

Though Osprey has been with Euphoria for some time, he acts on a strictly professional level with her. Beneath his veneer of culture and gentility is a mercenary ruthlessness – he is loyal to MegaMedia because they fill his credstick. Euphoria appreciates his protection – he has done everything from defending her from gangs to defusing bombs intended to incinerate her – but she dislikes having a MegaMedia watchdog when she occassionally wants to run off and be by herself.

Osprey was killed in action trying to stop Euphoria from being kidnapped by a mysterious group apparently connected somehow to Vincent Burroughs of Strice Foods.

Osprey - Michael Adams

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