Rising simsense starlet

Archetype Celebrity
Connection 6
Uses Celebrity gossip, Hollywood connections
Places to meet Generally, you don’t
Skills Computer 7, Electronics (Simsense equipment) 7 ( +2), Etiquette (Media) 9 ( +2), Impersonation 8, Negotiation 9, Performance (Simsense acting) 12 ( +2)
Knowledge Celebrity Gossip 10, Dancing 8, Media Personalities 7, Media Politics 8
Interests Acting, Dating
Friends Brock Brannigan Loyalty 1

A hot simsense actress seems about as common as a short dwarf. Unless you are THE hot simsense actress. Everybody was talking about Euphoria this year. Her releases straddled the line between being provocative enough to entice skinchippers and demure enough to see release in mainstream outlets. She’s the perfect mix of action star, sex symbol and pedigreed actress. She’s smart enough to keep an air of mystery about her, even though her face is almost everywhere.

Amanda Lockhart comes from a show biz family. Her parents, Meredith and Louise, were two of the last big stars of flat-screened television. Amanda grew up on screen in the burgeoning explosion of trideo programming. She hit the path to stardom after switching from her parent’s representation to a new agent. Her new agent wasn’t afraid to exploit her natural beauty. Fans first got a taste of Euphoria’s simsense chops in the Wicked Witch of the Ward, not to mention a few gratuitous scenes of magic duels in the group showers. It’s the oldest trick in the book, but filmmakers keep going to that well for a reason.

Any one of Euphoria’s six full-budget sims could be spun off into a franchise. She also had the good fortune of finding the perfect leading man in Hans Vandenburg. Vandenburg’s performance in Hijack Holiday is just as wicked hot as Euphoria’s. His chiseled features are a match for the star, and the two of them share a chemistry unrivaled in any medium. Maybe the fact their management teams haven’t tried the old “romance on the set” publicity ploy makes them even more special. Euphoria is curiously unattached, so maybe they want to drum up a little scandal now that Vandenburg has his sights set on Lois Bridge, lead singer of Sleeveless. Love triangles always sell more downloads. But she’s good in everything, not just her pics with Vandenburg. We even liked Attack Ships of Orion, even if it didn’t make as much as her previous chip, Spells and Sweat.

MegaMedia snatched up Euphoria’s contract this year. That means bigger budgets, bigger explosions and bigger pushes. They won’t be able to franchise out her roles from previous films, but they will be very happy to make new ones. Euphoria is just twenty one years old, making her a coveted get for MegaMedia. They’ve got her locked into a contract for the most productive years of a sim-starlet’s life. Euphoria is living a charmed life at this moment. We don’t know much about her upcoming sim Jungle Huntress, but it looks to be hot, steamy, and action-packed.

Rumors abound that Euphoria recently picked up an endorsement from food conglomerate Strice Foods. We admit that it’s a move that bugs us: part of Euphoria’s appeal is her reclusive nature. Sure, she lets people inside her head for dozens of sim chips, but outside of her roles, really not much is known about her. We understand that the real money comes in endorsements and cross-promotion, but we truly hope Euphoria’s team hasn’t made a mistake. The heat on a simsense star fades quickly without the loving public. It’s a move that could change her image forever.

(Editor Note: And it looks like that reclusive nature won out – Euphoria did not appear to her promotional appearances for Strice Food’s new AMBER GEL! in Denver, recently. MegaMedia has so far been quiet about the reasons for her missed schedule.)


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