Christine Brackhaven

Wife of the UCAS sector governor

Archetype Socialite trophy wife
Connection 4
Uses Political rumors, Humanis connections
Places to meet Discrete hotels, Public high-society parties
Skills Computer 8, Data Search 9, Etiquette 13, Negotiation 11, Con 11, Perception 10
Knowledge Local Politics 10, National Politics 10, Corporate Politics 8, Humanis talking points 9, Local Gossip 10
Interests Anti-metahuman politics, Social events
Friends Agent Loyalty 3

The wife of Kenneth Brackhaven, one-time contender for President, and now councilman and governor of the UCAS sector of Denver. He and Christine married shortly after Kenneth took over Brackhaven Investments from his father, and they have one son. Supposedly, that son was born an Ork, and was “cured” by a radical medical treatment at a young age. Kenneth’s presidential campaign was torpedoed when evidence emerged suggesting that what really happened was that young Calvin Brackhaven was killed, and another child adopted and raised as Calvin.

Christine shares her husband’s racially-intolerant views, but (like him) has never been officially connected to the Humanis policlub. She supports his political ambitions, but occassionally finds herself very lonely due to his busy schedule.

Christine Brackhaven

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