Bram Geist

Chris' Aspected Sorcerer


Contacts: Maggie Goldberg (Loyalty 4), Sara Castle (Loyalty 3), Waldo Juarez (Loyalty 3), Jaron Falcone (Loyalty 1)


Grew up the wastrel son of the CEO of Gheist industries, one of the largest locally owned Denver corps. Has a sister who is far more disciplined (and with a carefully hidden mean streak) and now the heir-apparent to the corp after he was officially disowned (and his identity wiped by his sister). A glib talker and a bit of a playboy, but can keep it in his pants when the situation warrants. A bit of a reluctant shadowrunner, but appreciates the money. He intends to show his father that he shouldn’t have messed with him.

Bram Geist

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