Shadowrun at EVO

To FIND an assassin

We keep looking....

Present were Matt (Dvorak), Austin (Redline), Chris (Bram), and Ben (Shadow). Neither troll, Steve or Neil, could make it, and we had limited time as Chris had to be on his way early.

Redline panicked abit about the situation with Shadow and Brock. Brock and Brody decided the situation called for McHughs, and told Redline “Don’t call us, we’ll call you”. Redline decided to give Bram a call and get him to calm both sides down, and they picked up a now-conscious Dvorak as well. Bram healed Shadow a bit, waking her up, and they decided to concentrate on the mission for now, as the trolls were absent and couldn’t answer for their actions.

Dvorak shared the Aztechnology files he had on Kyle Morgan, and did some Matrix snooping in the Yakuza offices, managing to get camera feeds on the Conference room where Myronu was meeting, and the lobby entrances. No sign of assassins were seen, though. Bram decided to see if he could produce a reaction, and created illusions of Myron and a couple guards leaving the building and heading around the corner. They were good enough to confuse Shadow, who went off following them. However, Redline’s drones spotted what could be movement in an office window across the street at the same time, leading to the group investigating.

Dvorak poked around the non-host Matrix of the building, but didn’t find any sign that office was occupied. Shadow, having returned from her tailing of a pair of illusions, infiltrated the building and got into the drop ceiling above the office, planting a camera to view the apparently abandoned office. It revealed one person, talking to another person over a commlink. Dvorak tried again to locate the active commlink, but failed to find it – it must have a pretty good security suite! Shadow dropped into the office and slunk close enough to listen in – the person was talking about meeting at a club they had heard about, called Klub Karma, and mentioned getting a dose of “the good stuff” there. With the camera view showing the person in the office, Bram created another illusion of Myron coming back, and it seemed to draw the mysterious man’s attention.

Wanting to truly evaluate his reaction, Bram next illusion showed Myron fleeing the doors of the Yakuza office building and being gunned down in the street after his bodyguard was killed! This led to intense chaos in the Yakuza office, and the Mystery man seemed dumbfounded, hanging up, watching for a moment, then calling a taxi. Shadow managed to tag him with a stealth RFID as he left the small office, and Dvorak prepared to trail it.

We stopped there for the night.


SMDVogrin SMDVogrin

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