Shadowrun at EVO

To fight an Assassin

Mission: defend Yakuza technician, session 2

Present were Matt (Dvorak), Steve (Brock), Ben (Shadow), and Austin (Redline).

Dvorak headed off to his apartment to see if he could dig through the resonance realms (as a newly-submerged) to find out anything about Kyle Morgan. He had a bit of a trippy experience, but emerged with some old Aztechnology files detailing a couple of previous jobs, along with an appraisal of Kyle’s excellent social, pistol, and sniper skills. He surfaced about 11 hours later – a fact that he didn’t realize immediately.

The rest of the crew headed to Denver International to meet an incoming Sub-Orbital flight. The Yamato-family kobun was met by one of Denver’s senior Lieutenants, and was ushered into the stretch Euro-Westwind where Shadow was waiting. Unfortunately, the kobun (named Myronu) dismissed her as a comfort girl until he was threatened with a blade when he groped her. She was sent to ride in the front of the car when that happened.

On the way to the office building where Myronu was meeting with the local senior family members, the group was attacked twice. First a car of yakuza tried to gun down the group, but Redline rammed them off the road, and the crash left them in poor shape. Several miles later, a half-dozen highly armed gunmen ambushed the group – including 2 with missile launchers. Fortunately, Brock was able to charge one of the rockets before they could fire, and the other one (which they never even saw at any point during the fight) couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn – the only thing he connected with was one of his buddies. Most of the gunmen pulled out successfully when the ambush was blown, but a berserking Brock managed to stun the apparent leader into unconsciousness.

The group took off with the prisoner in the back of the van, and once they were parked at the office, attempted to interrogate him. Initial attempts were unsuccessful, and when he refused to talk even when Shadow threatened to cut of his head, she… well, cut off his head. This ticked Brock off, and he dropped her unconscious with a single blow.

And that’s where we left off for the night.


SMDVogrin SMDVogrin

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