Shadowrun at EVO

Little Girl Lost

Present were Chris (Bram), Steve (Brody), Neil (Brock), Austin (Redline), Matt (Dvorak), and Slade (Chimera). Downtime was about a week and a half – Redline and Bram moved into their new place, and the trolls tracked down a warehouse and rented it out as a team base of operations.

April 2, 2057: On his Exchange commlink, Dvorak gets a message to meet Macallister at The Big Rhino if he’s looking for work. The team meets there, most of them taking their motorcycles, and are pointed at an older ork sitting in the back. The ork, Macallister, informed the team that his daughter had been murdered by a serial killer – apparently a copycat of the Mayan Cutter (a famous killer who killed for over 2 years before being caught and killed last year by Lone Star). He wanted the group to hunt down the killer, find out why his daughter died, and bring the bastard back alive. The group agreed.

They first headed into the Ork Underground to check out Rebecca Macallister’s apartment. They convinced a local to lead them through the passageways to her home, finding it guarded by a number of Skraa’cha (a local ork gang who served as the Undergrounds enforcers and protectors)., and convinced the gang members to let them look around. They found that the murder apparently took place in the kitchen as Rebecca was making breakfast, and the room and table were covered with her blood. Searching the place did turn up some blood on the edge of her bathroom sink that didn’t look as if it belonged, and the players collected a sample, with Chimera (and Redline) heading out to have a doctor friend take a look at it. The trolls were convinced/fooled/delayed into NOT starting a fight with the Skraa’cha leader, who had been dating Rebecca, and the rest of the group headed topside to talk to Tosh Athack – a Lone Star detective who worked the original Mayan Cutter case, and a friend of Macallister.

Tosh, after collecting for his retirement fund, turned over his original case files to the group to peruse, and arranged for them to gain access to the morgue where Rebecca’s body had been taken. The medical examiner had started the autopsy, and pointed out the details, several of which the group noted did not match the original Mayan Cutter’s MO. Partway through, Chimera and Redline joined back up, and gave Tosh the DNA results of the blood analysis. He promised to run it through Lone Star’s database.

Heading out with the idea of brainstorming a bit more, the group was jumped in the parking garage by a group of gangers, all wearing necklaces of Troll horns and Ork tusks (the gang later identified as the “Troll Killers”). Dvorak was heavily wounded, but Brody and Chimera reaped them like wheat, and the group shortly broke and run. Brody had only knocked out the leader (who had bragged about being hired to take them out), but he was taken into custody by Lone Star officers from the morgue building. The group did keep the leader’s commlink, though.

And we ended there for the night.


SMDVogrin SMDVogrin

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