Shadowrun at EVO

Into Munchmaussen Valley

Last night: the team snuck through Castle Munchmaussen, with Matt and Chris mostly keeping the cameras off them with hacks and illusions. They avoided the guard patrols and picked the lock to the back door of the central keep. While Matt attacked the central servers, the rest of the team took the elevator up to the fourth floor, arriving just as Matt sent them a map showing the Baron’s quarters and Library to be on the 3rd floor. So they went down 1. Neil and Ryan snuck into the Baron’s quarters as he apparently lay there snoring, and Ryan stole the portrait hanging over his bed – for what perverted reason, we know not. Deciding the book was not there, they moved down the hall to the Library, where they found a book inscribed “Pademonicus Daemonicus”! But Chris remembered the details they had been given and said it must be a fake.

At this point the Baron emerged from a hidden door behind them, commenting sarcastically that he was dissappointed to find that was what the team was after. Neil interrupted anything he had to say further with a Flash-Bang! Which knocked Chris unconcious, as the entire party (minus Matt) was in the blast radius. The Baron was intimidated into standing aside while the group took the real book from his Safe room, but the party came under attack from a Fire Elemental emerging from the fireplace, and Austin’s drones reported troops boiling out of both barrack towers into the courtyard of the keep. Matt rigged the elevator as a death trap for the first group to use it, Ryan loaded the book (and his portrait) onto Austin’s flying drone with duct tape, and Austin flew it off while the party made preparations to go out the side of the keep, rather than down the elevator.

And we ended there for the night.


SMDVogrin SMDVogrin

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