Shadowrun at EVO

Hacking the Gibson... er, the YET

Mostly downtime activities last night. The group took 9 weeks off for training, initiation, and various shoppings. After I have done the research, that puts the current date as Thursday, November 8th, 2057. Winter has come to the Denver FRFZ! No major snowstorms yet, though.

Slade was advised to have the group come to a party to meet a Johnson with a job, and to “dress nice”. This led to trolls renting tuxedos, and Slade managing to convince everyone else to buy very nice suits. The party turned out to be a recruitment drive by the Young Elven Technologists policlub, who has a very nice young lady try to recruit Dvorak. The Johnson eventually made contact with Chimera, and hired the group to use a YET backdoor to hack into an investment companies’ servers and run a program, while leaving a letter in the private suite of Ehran the Scribe. The team met at a restaurant and discussed the job a bit, then moved to a no-tell motel near the YET building to case the joint.


SMDVogrin SMDVogrin

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