Shadowrun at EVO

Euphoria in Danger

Have I found Brock's berserk button yet?

Present were Chris (Bram), Matt (Dvorak), Austin (Redline), Steve (Brock), and Slade (Chimera-A).

Brock was just getting out of the Hospital after his run-in with Peri, when he was stopped by a guy they were rolling in on a stretcher, badly wounded. Brody managed to recognize him as Stone, the magician working with Osprey as Euphoria’s bodyguards. Stone had recognized him from Euphoria’s description, and managed to gasp out that Euphoria needed help.

Brock tried to call Euphoria, but there was no answer, then tried to get a hold of Osprey – whose number he didn’t have. He called Dvorak, and Dvorak started looking into the situation, leaving a message drop from Osprey, then tracking Euphoria’s commlink to her penthouse – the same place the team had kidnapped her from a week or so ago. The team rolled out in Redline’s van, picking Brock up on the way (after he terrorized a clerk in a Radio Shack).

When they arrived at Rocky Mountain Towers, they saw a pair of Knight Errant officers blocking entrance to the front of the building. Brock tried to get in, but they refused him entrance and logged his SIN. Bram got him a bit away, turned him invisible, and distracted the cops enough that he snuck past them and headed up to Euphoria’s penthouse.

The penthouse was in disarray. There were multiple dead bodies from the Knight Errant security team, and Osprey’s corpse was on the floor in front of the door to Euphoria’s recording/rehearsal room. Brock did notice a weird brown glop substance on the floor, and grabbed a sample of it. Examining the recording room, he found the gear was active, and following Dvorak’s instructions, hooked Euphoria’s commlink (which Dvorak had compromised) up to the gear so Dvorak could download the contents.

Heading out just as KE reinforcements arrived, the group fell back to a no-tell motel room, where Brock, Dvorak, and Redline all decided to watch the raw Simsense feed that they had downloaded from Euphoria’s studio. She was just starting to rehearse for her next performance (“Jungle Princess”, by MegaMedia Enterprises), when she was startled by a noise in the living room. She went to the door, and was startled by some… thing. It was human-ish shaped, but very not-human, and just as she thought she was going to die it was called off by an unkempt, wild-looking blonde man, who told Euphoria that Burroughs had told him to take care of her, and he was going to do so by making her his queen. Another man, with inhuman looking eyes, wearing a “Gerraty’s Bar and Grill” shirt, was backing up the blonde, and that’s when Euphoria fainted/was knocked out/passed out/recording ended.

Bram remembered Burroughs was the last name of the local CEO of Strice Foods, the company which made Amber Gel. But first, the group went to check out Gerraty’s. Asking the bartender and one of the waitresses (Wendy Phillips) about the pictures of the two men, the 2nd man (the silent one) was identified as Van Willis, who had been a waiter there, but had disappeared about a month back. Wendy had heard some rumors about a cult kidnapping people off the street, and she was worried about Van. She had actually seen him again about 2 weeks ago, but he had run away from her when she called his name.

The group came away from that looking for their next lead. Dvorak plans to investigate Strice Foods and cults in the resonance realms. Chimera contacted some friends back in ARES to tap into Knight Errant’s investigations. Brock thought about trying to tap into the local gangs to see if they knew more. Bram thinks looking into Strice foods and Vincent Burroughs might turn up something. And Redline wants to repair his babys – his shot up drones (from the ambush 3 sessions ago). This is where we left things for the night – legwork in progress.


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