Shadowrun at EVO

Escape from Castle Munchmaussen

With the group standing in a shot-up library as guards poured out of their barracks into the courtyard, the group jumped out the shattered wall from the 3rd floor. Ryan’s cyber just lets him do that, Neil tanked the damage while carrying Chris, Slade also tanked the fall – and Matt broke his left leg in 3 places. Taking a very few moments to splint Dvorak’s leg, the first aid kit also managed to get Bram awake again, at least enough to run on his own legs for the gate they entered through. Unfortunately, while crossing the free-fire zone that the court had become, he took a bullet on his armor and passed out again. Brody snatched him up and kept running.

They passed through the gate to find one of the walls of the outer courtyard lined with guards aiming at them. Brody threw grenades and panther shells, Chimera shot up the spotlights and some people, and The Machine started trying to blow a hole in the wall. The group got seriously shot up, but Ryan punched a hole into a storeroom and they all jumped through.
With Ryan leading the way with a couple of prybars from a store room, Ryan crashed into the Tram room to find a pair of guards, who he promptly brained with the prybars. One then got punched unconcious, and the other exploded when shot with a Panther. The group piled into the Tram, and Dvorak released the safeties, releasing the tram car to slide down the cables… and glitched.

As the tram began sliding down the cable, it rocked slightly as the safeties released unevenly, and slipped off the cable falling 10 or so feet to the snow covered mountainside. With the 3 concious members of Brody, Chimera, and The Machine screaming in terror, they somehow managed to steer it around obstacles and safely down the hill, with nothing but deep-tissue bruising to show for it. Terrified, but exhilerated, they piled into vans and peeled out, with the sounds of tank treads behind them.

As they raced through the forest, pursued by a helicopter, they came in sight of the border checkpoint – with a locked barrier gate and incoming AVMs. The drivers managed to avoid taking AVM hits, and a panther shot plus the front of Austin’s Citymaster at maximum speed managed to bust through the gate, allowing them out of the valley. The arrival of fighter jets terrified the group, but they turned out to be shooting down the Baron’s helicopter in a tit-for-tat response to his shooting down Sioux drones over the years.
The group made it back to Denver and got paid.


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