Shadowrun at EVO

Elves vs "Elves"?

A splash of wetwork

Present were Steve (Brock), Neil (Brody), Chris (Brom), Austin (Redline), Slade (Chimera), and Larry (Anonymous). Matt is unable to make it for a while due to work schedule, so Dvorak has left for Chicago to spend some time with his folks.

Start date: June 22, 2057
The group was contacted by a fixer that they hadn’t worked for before, wanting to hire them for a bit of wetwork. They were having issues with a group known as the “Association Para Nobilis”, whose public face was an advocate group for the protection of elves. The fixer revealed that a core group of hardcore APN members had been killing elves who did not adhere to the “proper” elven archetype (which is very Tolkienesque). The APN had been in a scuffle with the Young Elven Technologists in Seattle and relocated here recently. The group was hired to kill 6 core members, bring back their prosthetic ear extensions as proof, and drop off a package at the body of the leader to make sure the message is received.

The group did some Matrix research, and the accusations looked plausible. Some of them were leary about taking a job for straight up murder, but they ultimately decided to take the job. They located the APN HQ, finding it was downtown in the Aztlan district – a one-time city utilities garage that was only a few blocks from Aztechnology HQ. They went to check the place out and found it was buttoned up pretty tight. Brom disguised himself as Allair, one of the targets, and tried to bluff his way in, but the guard wasn’t fooled, as he said Allair was downstairs at the time. Questioning a waitress at the local diner, they were told that some of the group ate there frequently, but many of them never left the HQ building. They also found out the APN was having a regular meeting that Thursday, and grabbed a flyer about the meeting.

The group made the decision to assault the HQ during the Thursday meeting. Brock and Brody snuck up to the garage door and planted grenades all over it, and blew the door while Chimera and Larry covered the back door. The trolls charged in, and Redline crashed his van in and rammed Blaine Deathedge, who was giving a presentation when the door blew in behind him. Many of the couple dozen members attending the meeting were wounded by the blast, and all of them were gunned down when Redline’s minigun hosed the room or when they tried to flee. Brom created a very realistic illusion around the front of the building, making it appear that Humanis was the group attacking the building, and hid disguised as a bum outside. Brock checked out one part of the basement he ended up killing Thiran and Erendahl, locating the armory, and putting down a horse that the APN had surgically altered to look like a unicorn. Chimera and Redline ended up in a firefight with a group of female APN members. Brody scared a little girl into hiding under a couch, tied her up instead of hurting her, and then found Blaine Deathedge’s room – where it appeared he tripped a countdown timer.

Cries of “BOMB!” sounded over the radios as the group turned to flee….

And that cliffhanger is where we left off for the night.


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