Shadowrun at EVO

Checking out a book

because Trollplan somehow works every time

Mar 22, 2057:

After laying low for a couple weeks after the Euphoria incident, Brody is put into contact with Mr JP Morlock, who specializes in hiring runners for Johnsons who are looking for quiet runs. The group goes to meet with Mr Morlock in his penthouse apartment.

He wants them to steal a manuscript of a new novel by Tir Tairngaire politician, Ehran the Scribe. The novel is called “Of the Human Spirit”, and is being edited and converted to electronic format by a local publishing company in the Pueblo sector – Sylvan Publishing. Apparently, Ehran had just finished writing the novel by hand at his lodge on Pike’s Peak (in the PCC itself, not the Pueblo sector of Denver). Mr Morlock wanted the physical copy of the manuscript brought to him, and a tailored virus installed in Sylvan’s computer system that would destroy all electronic versions of the novel.

The group headed down to Sylvan HQ at 0-dark-thirty in the morning, and while the trolls prowled around the perimeter of the fence, Dvorak checked out the public Sylvan Host. Brody and Brock saw little sign of serious security, and Dvorak could only identify Maglocks on the doors and burglar alarms on the windows. He did find that the public host did not seem to contain any working copies of books in progress, so they concluded they would have to upload the virus on site to have it take effect.

An illusion of a racoon managed to lure out several guard animals into showing themselves, which were eventually identified as Barghests – meta-versions of dogs with a paralyzing howl, and dual-natured so they wouldn’t be fooled by illusions. A few minutes later a caretaker showed up with another Barghest hound and shooed Brody away from the gate.

While the group laid low in a local motel, Bram visited HQ during the daytime under the pretense of setting up an account with them for a new bookseller. He was very convincing with the sales rep he spoke with, and while supposedly in the bathroom, snuck around the ground floor enough to give the group a good feel for it’s layout. He also decided that the most likely place for a manuscript to be would be on the 2nd floor, where the President, VP and 4 senior editors had their offices.

That night, Brock, Brody, and Dvorak snuck into the building after cutting through the security fence. They came in through the loading dock and headed up to the 2nd floor. They started searching in the President’s office, where Dvorak cracked into the files on Sylvan’s secure host. While he was doing that, Brody checked out the VP’s office, where he became suspicious of a painting behind the desk. He found there was a safe behind it, and cracked it open. Returning to the president’s office, he found the safe behind a picture there and cracked that – finding several data files, a light pistol, and a small stack of cash. Dvorak took a look at the data files, identified them as being un-related to the Ehran manuscript, but kept a copy of them for himself.

Dvorak told the group that he found that Senior Editor Sylvia Green had been assigned the work of formating “On the Human Spirit”, so group headed into her office and opened the safe there, finding a copy of the original manuscript. Dvorak then dropped back onto the secure host, and uploaded the virus to her terminal successfullly. The group headed back downstairs, snuck back to the fence, and slipped away, without any alarm being given.

They returned immediately to Morlock’s hotel, dropping off the manuscript, and receiving their payment. And we called it a night, with a successful run.


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