Shadowrun at EVO

Bug City

Timeline of adventures in Chicago

22 June 2057 – Insect Spirit Outbreak begins in Chicago
25 June 2057 – APN (elf lovers) wiped out in Denver, first attack by Ghostwalker, UCAS announces “VITAS” outbreak and implements Chicago Containment Zone (CCZ)
1 July 2057 – Cermak blast in Chicago – ARES Firewatch detonates a mystically enhanced tactical nuclear weapon in a major bug hive. The yield is less than expected and has uncertain effects on local astral space and nearby spirits. The team enters Chicago this date.
3 July 2057 – Team rescues 2 people from cocoons in a Bug Spirit nest.
8 July 2057 – Professor Twoflowers and Team relocate civilians to northern edge of CCZ, near the Shattergraves. Tunneling operations begin.
17 July 2057 – Team recovers research for Ariel.
20 July 2057 – Planning begins for assault on satellite link station.
22 July 2057 – Satellite link established between CCZ and Asgard data haven, publication of Bug CIty document – truth about CCZ revealed to world.
28 July 2057 – Team escapes from the CCZ.


SMDVogrin SMDVogrin

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