Shadowrun at EVO

Ben notes - session 1 and a half

Notes for the little thing we did today. Rough notes excuse the typos.

Guys daughter being kidnaped (again)

call the ork who puts me in touch with Austin

George Hampton – guy whos daughter has been taken

Pay more this time

sub family of the Chavez family Fertellis

Hampton Holistic health care

Frank the head of the family

Given address – 5000 as payment

ninja sneaks inside warehouse to scout

Austin calls in armored van and deployus drones as backup

Austin makes contact as the ninja falls from the sky behind Lucy undetected

Girl is there. 3 guys guarding her

ninja falls from the sky behind lucy again and misses his sneak attack

Austin runs out of the building headed for his van

Lucy gets cut in half with katana ninja rolls into the room and throws knife at Vick

Ninja puts vick down with one hit from the sword

Austin plugs in and calls the drones to his location

3rd guy runbs from the room making hand gestures

Ninja grabs the girl and heads back into the offices hearing sounds of people in the warehouse

2 pale looking grey skin with long fingers and nails like claws rush into the room (ghouls)

Ninja makes it to the door to the warehouse and the warehouse is filled with ghouls

ninja bpody bahses through the warehouse door outside. Drones drive up and ally supressive fire on the doors

ninja unarmed blocks ghouls attack

6 ghouls come through the door way avoiding all of the supressive fire

Austin pulls up running the ghouls over in front of the ninja side door to the van opens

ninja flips over a ghoul into a van and we tear the hell out


SMDVogrin SMDVogrin

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